FASTING HOTEL Koyarunomori


Fasting Hotel Koyarunomori

647 Koyaru, Yachimata, Chiba 289-1135, Japan


55 minutes from Tokyo by car


*The amount of time shown above may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Reservation for Shuttle Bus

For transport from Yachimata Station (South Gate),
please make a reservation by phone or email at least 3 days prior to check-in.



Parking Information

Please park at the Koyarunosato Doggie's Island "Day Trip Parking Lot 1", "Day Trip Parking Lot 2", or the Koyaru Onsen Mori no Yu guest parking lot.
The hotel is about a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

We will reimburse you for the parking fee.

Please bring the parking receipt to the front desk when you check in.


Experience the hotel's original fasting course in the clean air and rich nature of Koyarunomori.

COVID19 infection prevention measures

Partitions have been installed at the front desk.

Efforts are being made to maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the facility and guests are requested to disinfect their hands.

All staff members are required to wear masks and check their health status when they arrive at work.

We ask for the cooperation of all guests in taking their temperature, checking their health, and identifying themselves when they check-in.

If you are infected with COVID19 or have tested positive for the virus, you will not be permitted to use our facilities.

If you have a fever or a cold, please refrain from visiting.

The common areas have been treated to be antibacterial.

After check-out, the rooms are disinfected in addition to regular cleaning.

The air conditioners in the hotel, including the guest rooms, are operated 24 hours a day, even when the rooms are not occupied, to ensure a constant supply of fresh air.